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What is EDI? (Electronic Data Interchange)

EDI is simply the sending and receiving of information electronically to and from your customers/vendors using computer technology.  Many companies use this process to receive in purchase orders from their customers and send out invoices once the information has been processed.


What is the AS2 Translation Software?


The AS2 translation software is the part of the software that takes the EDI in its many formats and processes a readable format for the user.  It can also be further programmed to go directly into your current accounting system, thus eliminating manual data entry.


Benefits of using EDI:

        Reduced postage costs.

        Reduced expenses.

        Speed.  Because information is moved faster and with greater accuracy, time spent communication with suppliers is decreased.

        Elimination of paper documents.

        Elimination of labor intensive tasks, such as data entry.

        Greater accuracy of information.


Benefits of using Business Software Enhancements (BSE) AS2 translation software:

        Local company at your service 24/7.

        No monthly EDI costs and very affordable.

        Simple.  We can train your staff in as little as one hour.

        No user interface required.

        Incoming documents go directly to the printer.


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