Construction Job Cost

Contractors' Job Cost (CJC) enables you to find profitable jobs and keep the profit in the job by maintaining control over your operations. You can't be on site every day-and with CJC, you don't have to. When it's "make it or break it," CJC can help you win the contract, see the project through, and realize a healthy profit. Maximize CJC's performance by integrating it with other OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) modules.

With CJC you can save money and stay informed. Timely, detailed information lets you know the status of each job. Job Detail reports show you every cost a job has incurred, alert you to excessive costs before they get out of hand, and compare your expenses to your estimates. You don't have to wait for monthly reports. And, you can minimize your overruns.

You'll also save time and data entry costs because the reports you need are included in the system: no need to keep information in a number of separate spreadsheets.

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